DOORGUARD was developed by Codel Entry Systems to protect both faces of the door slab during delivery, installation, and throughout the construction process.

The corrugated cardboard that is applied to each side of a Codel door slab protects the door from scratches, sheetrock and concrete mud, paint overspray and other jobsite debris. Applied with three heat treated plastic straps, DOORGUARD is very secure and does not affect the operation of the door, which can still be locked. Rain and humidity can deteriorate the cardboard and it does not protect the edges of the door from paint overspray. To combat these concerns, Codel has developed the next generation of DOORGUARD.

Once the DOORGUARD sheets are applied, the door enters a shrink wrap tunnel in which all six sides of the door slab are incased in clear plastic, ensuring added protection from the harsh Pacific Northwest climate. Installation recommendations are printed on the DOORGUARD.

The DOORGUARD package also includes SILLGUARD, JAMBGUARD, HINGEGUARD, and brickmould corner protectors (all shown below).


JAMBGUARD is a steel reinforcement plate that is applied to the deadbolt area on jambguardthe backside of the Codel door jamb. JAMBGUARD is standard on all single pre hung units. The purpose of JAMBGUARD is to protect against intrusion by stregthening the weakest point of the door system. Unlike wraparound security plates, JAMBGUARD is concealed, accepting all types of lock hardware.



SILLGUARD is a durable plastic cover that is applied over the Codel door sill. The purpose of SILLGUARD is to eliminate job site debris from damaging the sill during the construction process. Once the project is complete, remove the SILLGUARD cover exposing a clean, defect free sill.


HINGEGUARD is a piece of thick molded plastic 
that covers each hinge on a Codel prehung
unit protecting the hinges from damage
during the construction process.