Primed Finger-Joint Jambs & Brickmould

Finger-Joint Jambs & Brickmould Are Primed NOT Painted

Primed finger-joint jambs are not sold as a finished product. They are supplied with a primer coat only, intended as a base coat for paint to adhere to. This primer is in no way meant as a sealant or protectant from the elements, therefore, the jambs must be painted with an exterior-grade paint. We recommend that primed finger-joint jambs be painted within 30 days of receipt.

Primed finger-joint jambs will require regular maintenance. Any breakdown of the finish will allow moisture to penetrate the wood, resulting in possible cracking, warping or rotting of the jamb, and peeling of the paint.

The following steps should be taken to help protect and prolong the life of your primed finger-joint jamb:

  • Install a sill pan under the unit before installation.
  • Before installation, be sure to seal all unfinished surfaces of the jambs (and brickmould if applicable). This includes the backside of the head jamb and jamb legs, as well as any exposed wood on the under-side of the jamb legs (and brickmould).
  • Paint the jambs with a high-quality exterior grade paint.
  • Inspect the jambs on a regular basis paying particular attention to any breakdown of the finish. In the event that any breakdown has occurred, be sure to sand, prime and repaint as soon as possible to prevent moisture infiltration.

In areas where the jamb will be directly exposed to the elements (i.e.; no overhang, splash-back from a patio or deck, etc.), our all-composite WeatherGuard jamb should be considered in lieu of a primed finger-joint jamb. The unique formulation of this poly-fiber doorframe will not absorb or wick moisture, and will never warp, splinter or rot.